PAW (Promoting Animal Welfare) was established in February 2014 on Tortola, BVI by a group of animal lovers who saw the huge need for a spay/neuter program on the island.  We are a not-for-profit organisation who want to help improve the living conditions for as many animals as possible within the BVI.

Our current focus is on cats and dogs with the aim of improving the quality of their lives, each animal that is selected for the programme is:
1. Tested for common diseases;
2. Vaccinated; and
3. Spayed/Neutered

This process therefore not only improves the animal’s individual health, it reduces the chances of spreading disease while humanely decreasing the Island’s stray population.

We do what we can to give each animal an amazing forever home but unfortunately there are just too many strays and not enough people.

Our promise
100% of the money donated to PAW goes directly towards the animals  (transportation, trapping and equipment is all provided for by PAW at their cost). Click on the link for a list of all the individuals and corporate sponsors who donated to PAW!

Financial Report
Every cent we receive is spent directly on PAW animals and we pride ourselves on being transparent and accountable – our full annual report for 2015 is available here!

How to help?
By making a donation or becoming a corporate sponsor!
You can also Contact us for any information!

We have an infographics sheet – please share it with fellow animal lovers and spread the word!

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